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When you're living in a state of constant stress, pressure and overwhelm, it's easy to just go on auto-pilot and before you know it, life starts living you instead of the other way around. It gets harder and harder to put your best "self" forward. You may find yourself reacting from the pressure and disconnecting from the ones you love. With today's economy, you may be facing a major transition with work, family or life in general. The harder the transition, the more paralyzing it can seem.  

We live in a "now" culture, bombarded with ever-changing technologies, social media and smartphones. It seems we should feel more connected than ever and yet with all the access to information and people, most people feel overwhelmed and lost.  

I've spent the last 8 years honing my skills as a Life and Career Coach and the past 6 immersed in social media. Whether you're trying to clarify your life values and goals or those of your company, I would like to partner with you. Through personal coaching, we'll work together to identify what's getting in your way, clarify your goals and get a game plan together.

I can help you get past the overwhelm and back into action!

To Living Your Best You,

Ia Jimenez

Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Life Coaching

Life starting to feel unmanageable? Dreams seem far away? Can't get motivated? Relationships out of control? Need to have a tough conversation with a loved one? Get a new game plan and a new mindset to recharge your life!

Career Coaching

Unemployed? Career change? Resume need a makeover? Wondering what you're worth in the market place...or just totally lost in the job search and don't know where to start? Get back in the driver's seat and take charge of your career today!  

Social Media Coaching

Does the thought of managing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a blog kind of freak you out? Do you know you need social media but it's kind of overwhelming? It's not as hard as you think. Get social media to work for you!

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