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Your Best You Coaching: My Story

I created Your Best You Coaching in 2006 out of a personal desire to effectively empower people through life's transitions. As early as my junior high school years, I remember stating that my purpose on this earth was to help people. I may not have known the path I would take then, but the last 20 years would confirm my purpose, as I fulfilled the roles of peer counselor, conflict mediator, HIV/ AIDs educator, motivational speaker, life coach and career consultant.

I take an empathetic approach to servicing my clients, mostly because I've lived a life filled with my own life transitions. From single parenting to marriage, deaths in the family, and multiple career changes in between, I know how difficult it is to stay motivated and navigate change. Life transitions can be scary and overwhelming, and can leave you feeling discouraged and even hopeless. Thankfully, through the years, I've discovered important tools that helped me conquer my fears and move successfully through the changes life brings. I'm excited to share it with you through Your Best You Coaching.

As a professional coach, I bring more than 16 years of consulting, training and development in a wide range of industries encompassing telecommunications, health and wellness, digital media, cosmetics and entertainment industry sectors. I have assisted numerous professionals in the creation and implementation of personalized strategic marketing and communication plans for career progression and life/work balance. I have serviced clients from HP, Hilton Hotels, Sony, New Line, Capital Group, AOL, Citigroup, Starbucks, Napster, Barclays, Macerich, Comcast, KPMG, and Best Buy Co.

As the former online radio host for the show “How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…And Parents Too!” based on the book by Dr. Gerald Newmark, I am a committed parent and have been instrumental in coaching parents into successful relationships with their children and teens.

Having worked for several years as the Director of Social Media for an international company, I'm excited to introduce social media coaching as a new service offering to Your Best You. If you need help branding your company, product or service online and want to take advantage of social media marketing, but don't know where to begin, I can help you make sense of it all. We can work as slow or as fast as you need to get your company a strong presence in the social media realm.

Whether we coach to help you create personal breakthroughs in your life, career or for your company, it's a co-creative process. I can be as gentle or as hard as you need me to be to help you confront and overcome negative thought patterns, communication obstacles and coach you back to a place of joy, freedom and confidence.

Cheers to Your Best You,

Ia Jimenez

Your Best You is founded on the Biblical teachings of Grace (Romans 5: 1-2) , Joy (John 17:13), Love (Deuteronomy 30:6 ) and Freedom(Romans 6:14).

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