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Life Coaching and Personal Development

Life Map

Explore your values and interests with visual clues and pictures to clarify your life message. 

Communication & Self-Expression

Learn important communication tools to improve your relationships and team building skills. Understand the fundamentals of proactive communication.

Goal Setting

Clarify and set short term and long term goals and we'll help you create a plan and provide the accountability to help you execute them.

Time Management

Start prioritizing your time based on values and interests that are truly important to you.

Conflict Management

Be more confident and effective in managing tough or confronting conversations.

Faith-based Coaching

Life Coaching based on scriptural identity to help you build up and solidify your spiritual identity, purpose and life roles.

* Rates for Spot Coaching Sessions are ($175 for a 1 hour session). Virtual coaching is available.  

* Customized Coaching Rate Plans vary depending on length of time and sessions. Schedule a free consultation to determine pricing.

* Credit cards are accepted via PayPal. 

Start your career coaching plan TODAY! Call 435-633-1619 or email

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