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My experience has been that it's very rare for a person to care as much as Ia does about her work... her clients - she imparts a type of concern and attention people are lucky to even get from a family member in today's world. I can't remember the last time someone impressed me as much as Ia, both with their character, and expertise. I simply can't say enough good things about her. If you work with her, you will find yourself in perfect hands. Thank you, Ia, for being such an incredible help to me.

Catherine D

Producer/Project Manager/Creative Business Development

Social Media was a monster that I was determined to keep caged and ignore. I had a big vision at heart, but was paralyzed in fear at the potential loss of privacy. It was Ia that encouraged, equipped and successfully coached me through the process of sharing my passion and heart through multiple social media platforms. As a professional, entrepreneur & ministry leader it's often difficult to prioritize when every role has vital importance. It was Ia's active listening to my values, passion and goals that secured my trust that social media would provide a unique opportunity to connect with the like-minded around the world. Today, social media is our primary communication tool to inform, inspire, educate and connect with our global community. Ia is a faithful life coach, trusted confidant and true champion for living a purpose filled life. John C Maxwell says a true leader adds value to people and multiplies value to others. That is the rare treasure you will find in Ia Jimenez.

Rowena R.

Speaker/Teacher and Founder of the Plain Jane Project

Ia has a perspective like no other and this is what allows her to be a phenomenal servant leader. Her expertise in this area (social media) has enabled retailers to leverage ALL aspects of social media as an effective tool to grow their businesses. As social media changes and reinvents itself, she not only is abreast of the changes, but also quickly comes up with new recommendations and strategies that allow us to CONTINUE leveraging the power of Social Media. It is an absolute pleasure to work with and glean from Ia and I look forward to a strong working relationship in the future.

Kevin S.

Ia is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely knowledgeable in the outplacement industry and provides all of her clients with exceptional service. All of her advice is always concise, accurate and definitely helpful when it comes to job search. I would highly recommend her as a career coach because of her work ethic and dedication to all of her clients.

Sunie Q.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit

I've had the pleasure of working with Ia, who was my career coach...She did an excellent job partnering with me, identifying my needs and providing a highly effective strategy to accomplish my career objectives, industry research and communication plans. She has been extremely responsive and making sure that I leveraged all the resources. Ia's high degree of professionalism and attention to her clients make her a true asset to her organization.

Shannon Y.

Senior Business Leader, VP Risk Management

Ia was my career coach...and although we only had one meeting she plugged into who I am and how best to utilize my qualifications. She was a great listener and highly intuitive. I value her advice and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Glenda G

Freelance Screenwriter, Handbag Designer, Executive Assistant

Ia is an incredible coach and consultant. I had the pleasure of working with Ia in a couple of capacities. First she was my career coach. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of career transition is incredible. She really inspired me while imparting common sense techniques that helped me on my career path. Attention to detail given with compassion and positive energy is an amazing skill that is rare. Second, Ia mentored and coached me through training sessions to achieve my Certification as a Certified Associate and Trainer. Without her guidance, this would have been near impossible. She is a joy to work with, and an unending well of knowledge. I will always look forward to working with her, asking for continued guidance, and enjoying her company on a personal basis.

Linda R.

Ia was invaluable in helping me quickly and efficiently refine my career values and goals. She provided honest, candid, actionable feedback, and had creative ideas on my job search. She helped me to revise and refine my resume and coached me through interview techniques that directly assisted me in my career transition. Ia was wonderful to work with: she was always prepared, ready to listen, had great / positive feedback, and provided me with tools, skills and confidence to pursue my career as a Project Manager. It was great to have both a coach and a new friend with me through this difficult period.

Brian O.

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