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Models / Actors / Artists

  • Grooming (Basics of grooming, nail care)
  • Make-up (Men: acne/razor burn/dark eye circles cover-up, on-camera, stage make-up; Women: Basic face for daily wear or auditions & Dramatic face for events, photo shoots, stage)
  • Runway (Basic: Walk, Turns & Basic Choreography; Advanced: Walk Styling, Rhythm, Advanced Turns & Choreography)
  • Photoposing (Learn to move confidently and fluidly in front of the camera. Powerful techniques are learned in this session for dramatic improvement of projection in front of the camera).
  • Vocal Articulation/Interview Skills (Learn to articulate in conversation, project confidence and control your vocal projection on camera and in the interview situation)
  • On-Camera Skills (Basic skills for the beginning commercial actor. Preparing for an audition.)
  • Career Coaching (Beginner: Exploring and creating a career plan. Advanced: Focusing your career vision and creating accountability to execute a plan)

* Spot coaching sessions are $175/hr.  Virtual coaching is available.  

* Customized Coaching Rate Plans for Specialized Coaching services vary depending on length of time and sessions. Schedule a free consultation to determine pricing.

* Credit cards are accepted via PayPal. 

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